Day off, weekend run around then off to Georgia Y’all

Ok.. yay! Day off tomorrow!!! We are off to Georgia on Monday so it’s gonna be all about getting Mom’s groceries done, last minute laundry, cleaning up of the house, taking of the cats to jail errr I mean camp and then packing.

It’s gonna be fun traveling with Tom. I always feel lonely when I business travel so it’s all good that he will be coming with. Gonna take LOTTTSSSS of pictures.. that’s a no brainer considering I can do like a hundred in one day for a day trip..I think I will take my gig card and my backup 128 meg jussssssst in case.

Tomorrow though, besides having to get up to get Sean off to school, I plan on sitting around and just relaxing with a WHOLE pot of coffee and watching crappy morning TV. I haven’t done that in a longgggggggg time.

The super-cool part is once we’re back I have less than two weeks of work, then I’m off for two weeks of vacation, the remainder of my vacation time for 2005 (other than some OT hours). Next year is my 20th year with my company. I will get a bonus week of vacation which will bring me up to 7 weeks for 2006 (whoohooo).

Anyway, off to go snuggle my wonderful Hubby.

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