Yep it’s CLEAN!!

Yes it’s CLEAN
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Ok, my back is KILLING ME!! I wanted to do a real top to bottom clean on the place and that I did. Tom cleaned our bathroom and hoovered the bedroom before he left for work. I spent HOURS dusting and scrubbing and hoovering and really it was only the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom that was touched.

It had been a while since we had the time or the inclination to do more than the bare minimum kind of deal, but ohhh I feel good now!
OMG I can see the table

Wow! We can see the surface of the table !

Tom made a huge dent into our laundry back up and I’ve got the last load in the washer now.. whoohoo!! Gotta figure out what to pack!

Gawd though, our bedroom and closets still need work. I’ve got mount clothing pile on my dresser. It’s time to move the summer to the walk-in closet and the fall/winter to reside in my drawers. I think I’ve got to do another purge though because I’m seriously running out of room. It’s all the fault of my Ross addiction. I mean when you can walk out of a store with six sweaters for $70.00 why wouldn’t you?? I’m gonna be feeding the demon while I’m away too, cos there are Ross stores in Georgia too!!!

Tomorrow is take the cats to jail day along with delivering the Boys to their Father’s place. Our plane takes off at noon on Monday so we’ve got to get all the run around stuff done tomorrow so we can just take off from here ’round nine or so Monday morning. Two hours ahead should be plenty of time to hang out at the airport.

Gah.. I was gonna take my MP3 player with me on the plane but I kind of broke it while cleaning today. The stupid jump drive popped out when I dropped it and it doesn’t want to start anymore. OH well not like I can hold enough music to keep me amused for the whole flight anyway. I have a stock-pile of magazines and a good book to read, I should be ok.

I’m a wee bit nervous, I’m not the greatest flier in the world. I’m no where near what I used to be, I got used to it from all the back and forth for all those years when Tom lived in L.A. but I still get butterflies.

Last night we finally got a chance to watch Tom’s Birthday DVD “The Girl Most Likely To”. I had never seen it before, of course Tom had as it’s where he fell in love with Stockard Channing… well the post surgical Stockard Channing (or rather her character.. she played ugly in the beginning). It was pretty cute, although Stockard + Ed Asner = *GAG*.

Tom's Girlfriend

Tom’s Girlfriend Stockard the minute she finds out she’s now cute.. oh yeah and our messy place….

We had a quick sammich dinner and made those little Pilsbury place ‘n’ bake sugar cookies for dessert.

8 mins later

Sugar cookies

Hi Aunt Laura!!


Cranky homework boy

Sean doing homework while watching the movie

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