My turn

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Lordy the ride to the Vets went as expected. We were alternately serenaded by Cinny then Nutz the entire way there. I’m glad Tom did the driving this time. The last time when we went to Kelowna I took them there by myself and it was NOT easy.

I held Nutter on my lap in his carrier and Sean had Cinny. I felt bad leaving them and right now the house is too damn quiet and too cat-less. I’m so used to having them around it’s always weird when they aren’t here.

I’m FINALLY packed. I ironed all the clothes, though I don’t know why because despite my best efforts to pack them carefully, they will be all wrinkled once we get there. I’ve always had the luck to have my suitcase be the one that’s randomly searched and I get someone with meathooks for hands that rumages through it all. Ah well, hopefully the rooms come with an iron or I’m gonna look like ca-ca at the conference.

I’ve got all my papers nicely in order (literally) in a folder in my carry on. Everything from airline confirmation to rental car to 1st night hotel and so on in that order. Call me anal but I like having things just so and right at hand. I think it helps me feel in control and that’s important when I’m putting myself in Captain Wonderful’s (whoever he may be tomorrow)hands on that plane.

I’ve got two extra sets of batteries and my extra memory card packed because I KNOW I’m gonna be taking lots of pictures. I’m also carrying a bunch of business cards just in case I need them at the conference. Doesn’t hurt to get another like minded Client with you in your corner.

Well, I guess this will be my last post for a few days.

See y’all

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