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They know something is up… Cinny even tried to get inside the suitcase that’s been sitting in the corner for ages. They always try the stow-away routine.

Must stow-away!

No Cinny you can't come with

Tom’s working tonight so he had to do his choosing and packing before he goes in. I’ve got all day so I will do mine after everyone’s gone.

We have to take the kids to their Father’s house and the furry ‘kids’ to jail. They are gonna get their shots while they are there too which will make us even more popular!!

I brought out their carriers ahead of time so they wouldn’t freak out when they get stuffed in them later…

Uh oh, this means jailtime!

It was no problem getting Sean up this morning, in fact he was up before us…

Wide awake!

Chris on the other hand….

Not wide awake *grumble, groan, grunt*

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