The trip (part one)

Tom had to work the night before our flight out, but we were VERY lucky that Delta had a direct flight to Atlanta that left at noon which allowed him to get enough shut eye. It was a beautiful day for flying on Monday, just a few puffy clouds in an otherwise blue sky.

We found out the hard way there still is really nothing to eat breakfast-wise in the US terminal of YVR so we ended up having bagels and coffee instead of a sit down type breakfast. They really need to work on that, I’m sure there are more than us that would appreciate it. They have put a lot of work into the terminal, but it’s mostly new retail shops.. ah well.


It was a nice flight for the most part. Like I’ve said before, I’m not exactly a great flyer but I did ok I guess. There were a few bumps here and there but I’ve experienced worse.

Turns out Delta is in pretty much the first Terminal beside the main one which meant baggage claim wasn’t that far away. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but the first time I flew into there on my own I flew another airline who was in the last terminal and I didn’t realize the train that is in the terminal was in fact to take you to the main one where baggage claim was.. anyway long story but I walked there and learned a harsh lesson (an hour later). THIS time we didn’t need the train, but Tom wanted to take it anyway just to say we did (he’s heard my story, the guards, the small room …. shudder)

There was some really cool African Sculptures all along the people mover in our Terminal which were fun to look at as we rode by.

Tom on the people mover with the statues

African statues in the airport

African statues at Hartsfield

After we got our bags we tried to figure out if we were supposed to check in at the Avis counter at the airport, or hop the shuttle out to the lot and do it there. We decided to get the shuttle and take our chances… good thing it was the right thing to do! The lady behind the counter was very nice, she said she knew another Belinda and darn if she didn’t live in Canada too (good thing she didn’t ask if I knew her) and that she and I are born in the same month. It was so cute, she told us that we were driving a Chevy Coba..we both heard Cobra and were confused we hadn’t heard of that… turns out it was a Cobalt and Coba was the reference code they used in their computer for the make of car..

Tom asked for directions to the street we wanted and the lady told him to take the first exit off the freeway.. uhhh WRONGGGG!! That ended up taking us by the cargo area of the airport, but with a bit more driving around Tom found it ok and we checked in. It was close to ten by the time we settled in and we were STARVING having not eaten a meal really all day. We poked our heads in at first thinking the restaurant was closed as it was empty…so we went into the bar to see if they served food and the bartender said for us to go to the restaurant unless we just wanted finger food… the restaurant in the hotel was still open but was going to be closing in 20 mins. They were nice enough to feed us and a couple of other travelers who straggled in even after us.

Waitress took our picture at dinner

US…taken by our nice waitress

Yeah... it was late and it was almost closing.. big crowd!

Uhh yeah, it was kinda empty..

We had checked out the weather forecast down in GA and it didn’t disappoint. It was close to mid 80’s just about the whole time we were down there. It was record weather for November, even down that way.

After an OK night sleep we took our time driving down to Columbus, after all that first night was just a reception and dinner and I was really only going to hit the reception that night. I had let my Rep know that because I was taking Tom with me, we were planning on doing our own thing in the evenings instead of taking in the group activities. It was nice for us, cos we don’t really get to see enough of each other normally.

We found the Bed and Breakfast easily enough with the directions we had and it was a really cool place. They basically have a few rooms in their main house and own the rest of the heritage homes including a restaurant on the same block. It’s really a lovely place called The Rothchild-Pound House Inn. Check in wasn’t until later though so we did some exploring and tried to find the Ross store (yeah my Mecca was in GA too!) we ended up going to Alabama by accident, my fault cos I was turned around in my directions. Alabama is right across the Chattahoochee river which is basically right there. We got to see a Piggly Wiggly though… LOVE THAT NAME!

Wow a real Piggly-Wiggly!!

When it was check in time we made our way back to the Heritage District and checked in. The Staff were super friendly and very accomidating. It’s a really cool place.

Rothchild-Pound House B&B Columbus GA

Main house of Rothchild-Pound House

This place is GORGEOUS

Main House sitting room

Lobby in the main house

Lobby of the main house

Our cottage at the B&B

Our 1890 cottage from the outside

Livingroom in our cottage

Our Livingroom

Our Bedroom at the Cottage

Our Bedroom

Bathroom in our Cottage

Our Bathroom

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