The trip (part two)

After we checked into our room at the B&B we had some time to kill prior to the reception and I really wanted to walk around some to stretch my legs and to enjoy the scenery.

We took the camera with and started strolling the neighborhood. I have never been in Georgia in the fall so it was a different experience for me. It’s usually grossly hot and humid but this 85 degrees wasn’t too bad as the humidity was actually quite bearable. As we were walking I could hear all this russling and clacking like something was falling down from the trees, two seconds later something dropped on my head and then slid down the back of my shirt. I had NO idea what is was so I started freaking out. Tom saw what it was immediately and laughed at me.. it was a stupid acorn! Now I know why Chicken-Little thought the sky was falling, when they hit you right those little suckers can hurt!

We found a park in the historical district that outlined the history of the area, as well as celebrated the local industry. The guy that invented Coca-Cola lived in Columbus and they have his home there in the historical district. They also mention Brick making and Grist mills as other industries from the past Civil War era.

Coke dude and friend.

The ‘Coke’ Dude’s statue (and friend)

There was a water display there too with a waterfall and fountain and a paddle wheel as riverboats were another common sight from the past. It was a really neat little park.

Tom helping out the dude

Us posing at the park

Walking back it the sun was starting to slowly go down and we noticed the gas lights they have for street lamps in this area, which really suited the architecture.

Gaslights on street

Gaslight in front of a couple of the old 1800’s homes

While Tom was busy inside, I stepped outside to ‘burn one’ which is a term I learned down south for smoking and was enthralled by the sheer number of birds in the trees behind the houses on our block. I mean ever single tree was FULL of birds and the racket they made with bird-song was tremendous. I was filming them and our house and the main house with the ‘movie mode’ option on my digital when something startled them. They ALL took off into the air crying out and then started to POOP like crazy all over the place. I had to run for my life to get back under the covered area of our house. The fella across the street who had just pulled into his drive was laughing his head off at me, as I cried out ‘Holy CRAP!!’ (literally) and flung my hands up to protect my head. I escaped, I’m happy to say, crap-free.

We went over to the main house and mingled for a bit, said hello to the couple of folks that I knew and then left to go for dinner (and to find Ross!!). Prior to getting to the B&B to check in and driving all over hell’s half acre to find the damn Ross store finally I asked one of the people from TSYS and he knew the way to Ross even though he’s a guy! Turns out even after all of the driving around we did, the Ross was hidden away along with TONS of other new stores in a strip mall area behind the Lowe’s. There was NO signage to indicate it though.. duh!!! You would think you would want to get out of towners to go there. Tons of restaurants too!! Tom left me in there to do my ‘thang’ and went off to look at the other stores in the area. I poured through the racks. Including a shirt for Tom I spent just over a hundred bucks and got like seven things. I LOVE ROSS!!!


Mecca in Columbus!!

After feeding my Ross ‘monkey’ we did the Outback (Ootback *grin*) Steakhouse which I had been DYING to go to for years. We don’t have them up here and the last time I went there had to have been ohhh 1999 or so. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!

We ate at The OOTBACK!

Us outside the Outback Steakhouse

After dinner we decided to pick up a bottle of wine. We had driven back to the area of our B&B and were trying to figure out where to find a liquor store because there were no grocery stores in the area. We found a kind of divey place not that far away beside a ummm ‘Gentlemen’s lounge’. Tom asked me “Are you sure you want to do this?” as there were some rather seedy folks standing outside. “Hell yeah!” I said and jumped out of the car. We passed by this man and a lady loitering outside who normally you wouldn’t want to walk by and he nodded and said “How y’all doin tonight?” with a smile. Dang they are so friendly down there! Even the weirdos!!

Speaking of friendly, there was not ONE place we went to that we weren’t greeted with a pleasant hello. Some of them were really LOUD but always friendly. I love that, I wish there was more of that here. I find most people will stare at you or frown at you if you try to say hi here.. ah well.

We got back in time to watch The Amazing Race (And to have our wine!)

Wine at the B&B

Cheers! Happy first night in Columbus!

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