The Trip (part 3)

We got up bright and early as we had breakfast scheduled for 8:00 am at the B&B’s restaurant at the end of the block. Really cool idea really they can serve people off the street as well as their guests. They had Bacon, sausage, fresh biscuits, grits (blah!!) and eggs to order as you like.

We parted ways (Tom and I) and I headed with the group over to the campus to begin the CAB meeting.

Me and my tag

Inside TSYS reception area

It was a short day as they had a luncheon and activity scheduled for the afternoon. The lunch was over in Pine Mountain which is where Callaway Gardens are (along with the Golf course) and close to Warm Springs which is where President Roosevelt spent time. It’s a lovely area, but I was surprised on how small the main area of Pine Mountain was. It was pretty much one main drag that went for a few blocks.
Water tower in Pine Mountain (with flag)

Stores in Pine Mountain

The place was full of curio shops and antique stores though. I couldn’t really buy much as everything I bought had to fit into a suitcase but I found a few nifty little treasures.

Me with the goodies I bought at Pine Mountain GA

Most of the Men had gone Golfing instead of shopping but there were a few left. By the time the shopping was over, it seems most wanted to go skeet shooting (what turned out to be a last minute possibility) which I wasn’t interested in. Tom was going to meet me at Callaway Gardens but it sounded like we wouldn’t be in one place for long as everything is so spread out, so I figured with hardly anyone left to go tour the gardens I would call him to come get me in Pine Mountain which he did (the wonderful man!)

We did some more touring around and then had dinner at….

Yummmmm and yahooooo!!

We picked up another bottle of wine at the Winn-Dixie and ended up using the coffee cups in our room for wine glasses (desperate times..)

Yeah we used coffee mugs for our wine!!

…..and watched the Wednesday tube (Criminal Minds/CSI NY!!)

We were also goofing around taking pictures of each other (surprise!!!) Here are the results…

Tom Cruise eat your heart out.

‘Tim-Tom’ Cruise??

Despite what it looks like the wine doesn't smell

No the wine doesn’t smell, not sure what was up with that face…

After the shows were over we hit the sack. I had another early call, this one was at the campus for breakfast and a full day of conferencing…

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