The Trip (phew last part)

The next day was just about a full day and was I think the best day as LOTS of stuff was covered. My reputation for being one that asks questions and provides feedback proceeded me =). It was pretty funny actually as I sometimes feel like I talk TOO much but at this type of forum it’s really appreciated.

I got a chance to go and meet up with my main Client Rep who I love and meet some people face to face that I’ve only worked with them in the faceless phone/email environment so that was especially nice. We didn’t have THAT much time though as poor Tom had to check out of our B&B at 11:00 am and basically kill time until then. The BIG bonus of the trip is we were able to pick up his favourite bourbon that we can’t buy in this Province.. not sure why because it WAS available in Ontario. Each Province has it’s own liquor board though so maybe they decide what they will and won’t import. As we were both allowed to bring back a bottle without any duty or import fees that’s what we did. After I said my goodbyes to all I went outside and gave Tom a call. He was sitting by the riverwalk waiting nearby as he knew basically what time I would be out.

While I waited for him I took some pictures of the Campus. It’s really quite impressive.I couldn’t get it all in one shot.

TSYS building

I had wanted to stop and pick up a few more things, one being a US Army shirt. I used to have a Canadian Armed forced shirt that I LOVED and was soft as butter when I finally had to throw it away. I thought it would be cool to have a US one and Fort Benning is right there so why not?? I found a really nifty army cap and a sign for Chris’ bedroom that says “If you can read this our sniper can drop you” or something like that. I KNEW he would love that as he loves Military type video games. Sean we picked up a Georgia collegiate type watch and a keychain.

After we got through with that we did one quick stop at the mall and then we hit the road, heading north back up to Atlanta. We were going to spend the night at the hotel close to the airport again as we had an early flight.

Yahoooo heading home on the 185

On the road!

The plan was to drop the car off that night and then take the hotel shuttle back to the hotel and then again back to the airport in the morning. It was a GOOD plan because it got rid of that hassle so we didn’t have to deal with THAT and travel too.
We checked in first though so we didn’t have to cart the bags around. Tom’s smaaaaaaaart!!

We picked up one last glass of wine and took it back to the room and then watched CSI (yay!) re-packed all of our stuff and I did the math so we would have all our receipts for our purchases all in order for the customs document that you get on the plane before we hit the sack.


The next morning we got up early grabbed a cup of room coffee, checked out and grabbed the shuttle which was just leaving (good timing!)The airport check in is a wee bit hectic there, but we were early enough that it wasn’t that bad… in fact (my bad) I had the wrong departure time and we got there 45 min earlier than we actually had to. It worked out though because it wasn’t crowded, and we had heard discussion on the bus that people had been advised to come in early as Fridays were bad there.

Us on the people mover at Hartsfield

Us on the people mover at the airport

We had some time to kill after we had BAD airport coffee and a pretty gross chocolate muffin so we took the train to the last terminal to check out the duty free shop. It wasn’t open yet so we toured around until it was. After we were done there we had plenty of time to make it back to our terminal for boarding.

The flight was on time and pretty empty again so we got our own row (after moving because they had filled our row.. go figure!!)It was nice and uneventful, less turbulence than our flight in.

The last hour on the plane home

Last hour on the plane home

When we landed, what did find??? RAIN!! AND PLENTY OF IT!

The shuttle driver was nice enough to take people right to their cars instead of the little drop stations they have. We still got wet though!

Yeah ... rain

Yuck! Rain!

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