Ugh! Packing!

Urgghhhh, ok my back is killing me!! Sean and I went over to my Mom’s to continue the packing that Tom started a couple of days ago. The big move is next Sunday so it’s crunch time. We got a LOT done really. There is still the upper kitchen cupboards to do and the bathroom (which shouldn’t take that long) and all the junk she keeps in her drawers. Sean and I trucked a couple of cartloads of trash down to the dumpsters and I’m sure there will be more yet tomorrow. For some reason she still has the speakers to my old stereo (when I lived at home) that have got to be 25 years old or so. Thing is the stereo was junked many many moons ago! Well at least this will be the last time they move anywhere.

We met her landlord and picked up the keys. He gave us the caretaker’s name and number and I had my Mom call and arrange the elevator key etc for the new place. She also left a message for the caretaker at her current condo to arrange for the move out on the Sunday. I also asked her to RE-confirm the move date with the mover guy and find out what time he’s showing up on Sunday. I just want NO surprises. I also asked her to call and ensure that she told the utilities her moving day not to start them the first of the month. Even though she has the rights to stay in her old place until month end, she won’t actually have anything THERE to live with.. *sigh*

I’ve got Chris to come with me and Sean tomorrow, so we should be able to finish up or come darn close to it. Mom’s neighbour (and cleaning lady) will be coming on Monday to help out and do any last minute stuff. She’s also going to do the ‘move out’ clean which will save us a lot of time. There are floors not carpets in her place too which is good so we don’t have to hire a steam clean or anything.

It’s weird not having Tom here on a weekend. I’ve been spoiled lately having him around. *sigh* He’s traded to get next Sunday off to help with the move with I am ever so grateful for. I will be nice to have him there as then we can have one person at the new place and one at the old helping out. We will have the Kids there too to help. I so can’t wait until this is over and she’s all settled in. I’m super glad I have the two weeks off after the move too which will give me both time to help unpack and settle her in, and to also RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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