Jussssssst about done

The Boys and I went over to my Moms and basically packed up almost everything we could considering she has to live there another week. There are the necessities of life that we had to leave for next weekend. Today I went through her bedroom drawers and threw out or took home to shred basically three drawers worth of stuff. It’s good though it will start her off pretty much clean again and free ups some space for her clothes!

We found a pair of of those drugstore type reading glasses in a drawer and Chris put them on. I had to take a picture of both him and Sean wearing them because they looked so stupid!

Chris wearing my Mom's magnifying glasses


Sean wearing my Mom's magifying glasses

The truck and both elevator blanket/keys are now confirmed (phew!!) so it’s pretty much countdown time now.

Here is the pile of boxes. Not huge like when the four of us moved!!

Boxed crap!

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s ‘Medium’ as it’s a 3D ep! Tom picked us up some of the 3D glasses for the show as they were giving them out at the station whoohoo!!

3D glasses for Medium on Monday

Medium is 3D on Monday

We are good to go!

I’m doing some more picture scanning as I took the two+ boxes of old photos with me from Mom’s to get copies. It’s gonna take me a while to get through them all….

Oh well… best get back at it!

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