Chris Turns 18

Originally uploaded by beezzez.

It’s my oldest’s birthday today. 18 years old for goodness sakes! I had him when I was ummmm young… yeah *cough*… Ok well I wasn’t THAT old (21 almost 22) but man oh man!! It’s still weirding me out.

Chris asked for good old fashioned cash for his B’day and that’s what he got. He also got his choice of dinner, a tradition we’ve always held in this household and he chose Quiznos of all things! That and some icecream cake which is also the standard birthday fare here.

After he ate he asked if it was ok for him to go to EB Games to go spend his new found ‘fun money’. I drove him cos it’s dark and rather foggy here right now. Actually it’s been foggy for MANY days now and it sucks. Pea soup in some places.

He ended up picking up an expansion pack for some Diablo game and a SIMs game. He’s happy, I’m happy.

Happy Birthday Chris, I love you.

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