OH MY GOD WE’RE SORE (and not for a fun reason!)

Was moving day for Mom today. Ok, yes we had movers who actually yanno, moved the big stuff but there was still a crap load of stuff that Mom just couldn’t live without that had to be packed today. There was also all of the running round to do for poor Tom. He took her off my hands for a bit and went over to wait for the movers on the other end while I continued to pack the stuff we would take in our cars and run stuff out to trash etc. It was a bit of a gong show with all the fussing. My Mom ran out of cheques (one last one in her purse and the rest were packed!) and then Tom went to get ours.. etc etc.. anyway that all worked out.

Tom came and met me and helped me take the rest of the stuff to the trash and we drive the five blocks to my Mom’s to meet the caretaker running towards the building because my Mom had a seizure and they were trying to get a hold of me. See the stupid phone company was told TWICE that she needed her service TODAY at her new place, was it ready? NO of freaking course not. See she gets these when she’s stressed and before the move she hasn’t been sleeping. I saw it coming, that’s why I’m pissed about the phone service. Anyway normally when she has one and she has a memory lapse which only last a few minutes but she likes me to talk to her so she remembers stuff.

Well she had dozed off in her chair waiting for us to come back and she wakes up in a strange place coming out of a sleep seizure which are the WORST kind. She doesn’t have the kind where you convulse, she just goes silent for a bit and then comes back. Basically she sees herself in this strange place surrounded by boxes and can’t find her phone and panics. She then goes wandering down the hall and bangs on her neighbours door. She’s NEVER done that before, mind you she’s never not had her phone. He was a VERY nice man though and she tells him to call me (of course it was my home number and I’m not at home) and then he called the caretaker.

They were all super nice to her and told her that ANY TIME she needs help to go ahead and ask. LORDY!! I told her to try and implant it in her head to not wander around and just relax the memory will come back. People freak out about seizures until they understand what they are if they don’t know people who suffer from them. These people live full and normal lives, it’s just something that they try to control with meds. They assume she is either crazy, or something which is not good, or think that she shouldn’t be living on her own, which everyone with seizure disorders does.

Anyway, Tom goes out to do another run around and to pick up some Rotten Ronnies for us to eat while I unpack. Once she relaxed and had food in her stomach she was back to her old self.

We are sore and POOPED but done for the day. She kicked us out and told us to go relax. Didn’t take a whole lot of arm twisting in the end. We are back at it to finish it up tomorrow, as well as restock her larder.


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