Mom in her new place

Mom in her new place
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Tom and I’ve been working hard to get Mom set up in her new pad. There is DEFINITELY some work that needs to be done, but for a rental, you have to expect a few issues. The dude who owned it was a divorced older guy who got remarried a year or so ago. He started renovating, but frankly he is no handyman!

We can fix these things, and as far as I’m concerned take them off any future rent cheques. He even started painting the kitchen this ICKY red colour and didn’t quite finish. He said by all means to go ahead and do what we want to it.. yeah thanks!

Yeah blood red kitchen half done blah

My Mom however loved the place, so whatever, if she’s happy I can deal with it. After she moved in however, she found to her chagrin that there is a leak under the bathroom sink. One that is obviously known of, because there is a bucket under there to catch the water. I think the elbow pipe isn’t threaded properly. The dude had someone living there (some relative) so maybe they never said anything and he never checked. I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Action drip shot

Mom called and told the wife and she said she will get her hubby to come out and look to see if he can fix it before they call anyone else for repairs.

There are a few places where he tried to do some renos like replacing the entry carpet with laminate flooring but he didn’t finish the edges. Gah!

K' this is a trip waiting to happen

Yeah ok the dude is NOT a handyman

He was also supposed to haul the stuff that he had let his relative borrow when they were living there, some of the shite is still there. That’s gotta go.. he only had the one key and he gave it to us early, ok we can let that go if he couldn’t get it in one trip, but now he can come and do it while Mom’s there, no excuses.

He’s not an experienced landlord, that you can tell. Ah well we’re experienced tenants so he will get to know what’s expected.

It does have it’s good points, it’s spacious and really a nice layout. It’s just needing a bit of TLC to bring it to it’s potential.


Tom working hard


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