halle- freakin-lujah Chris got another job

My first born lost his part-time job as of Tuesday, and managed to get another one that starts as of next Monday. The official word was a person who had worked there was coming back from Maternity leave, but I’m thinking he just wasn’t cutting the proverbial mustard as his Boss had said something like he may want to consider another path other than retail.

He was pretty bummed by the whole thing, but I got on his butt right away to keep on looking. He was anyway because two days a week that he was getting from his last job wasn’t enough and luckily one of his interviews came through. I’m going to be on his butt seriously to ensure he will show up early, work his butt off and make himself stand out, but in a GOOD WAY.

Gawd this whole Parenthood thing seriously doesn’t stop even when they are ‘grown up’. I had told him his graduation certificate should belong to me because I dragged his ass through highschool, I wonder if that means I should get his paycheques too…..

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