Dashing through the .. slush

I had to venture out in the snow today (ok it wasn’t sticking or anything (heh) but it WAS coming down) to do my Mom’s grocery shopping so I figured, what the heck, lets get out there and do some more of the Christmas shopping! We live pretty close to a couple of small shopping centres so I decided to hit those first as I had to drop off our groceries first.

Being a Sunday, getting on close to Christmas it wasn’t too bad actually. I found parking that wasn’t totally in Siberia. What was in short supply however, is a damn shopping cart. I ended up using one of those ‘shopping bags for your convenience’ which are basically mesh shoulder bags. Those suckers when they are full are freakin’ HEAVY! I’m also not exactly short, but man if you just carry it instead of putting it over your shoulder it drags on the ground. With my purse falling off my shoulder over and over it wasn’t a pretty sight. Oh well, bygones.

I had some leftover wrapping paper, but being paranoid about running out I bought more. I got the tags and like three thing-a-ma-doodles of tape too. It’s still probably not enough. Here is the pile of stuff SO FAR…

I did manage to pick up the Boys traditional Christmas Eve pajamas though. Sean will probably have to roll up the legs on his cos I couldn’t find anything in the ‘Boy’s’ section without Sponge Bob or something on it. He’s kind of past that now….hard to believe Boys between 14-16 would want cartoons on their PJs…

I like to pick stocking stuff up for my Mom too as she never got stocking when my Dad was alive (mind you neither did I!) and really we are the only family that gets her gifts so it’s nice for her to have. I think I’ve got a fairly decent dent into the stocking process.

I think I may even tackle some of the wrapping tonight… how sick is THAT??

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