The secret to shopping …..

Is apparently to shop at a mall nobody goes to… poor poor Surrey Central, it’s a ghost town.

I hit the Canadian Tire and the Slurrey Mall and got a whole bunch more done. I think I’m like 99% done, although I usually find a few more things here and there that I can’t help but pick up.

Normally you can’t get me to walk into a mall that often so Xmas shopping is torture to me. Ross, now that’s another story!! But I hate crowds, not in that whole eek panic I’m surrounded by strangers kind of hate, it’s more that I like SPACE when I shop, I hate being bumped into and I hate it when bratty kids are running around screaming.

There are a couple of other stores that I have a real problem in *taps forearm*. The Home Depot is one, I can spend HOURS wandering around in there! I love the whole concept of renovations. If I had wads of money I would be a dangerous renovator! I mean new shiny faucets and sinks and cabinets! Not to mention window treatments and flooring *droooooooool*.

The other is strangely enough, Canadian Tire. I guess it’s the same thing but with less reno stuff and more HOME and CAR STUFF. I mean they have the lighting and the fixtures too and I always have to pass through those, but they have cool GADGETS and APPLIANCES and stuff you never really think about needing, but when you see them you WANT THEM!!! That place always makes me want to get floor mats and steering wheel covers (ok I gave into that one, I now have the CUTEST steering wheel cover on Freddy with little pink hearts on it! It’s moments like that the girlie-girl side of me pops out!) There ARE matching floor mats though, but I don’t need them cos my Mazda mats are custom fitted to my car and they are great. It would probably be cutesy over-kill anyway.

Sooo I’m in Canadian Tire wandering around picking up things here and there and I actually allow myself to spend because, yanno it’s Christmas and all that. I really had to put the brakes on myself though because I could seriously buy half the store. I picked up a few more Xmas tree ornaments, candles and Christmas placemats but I could have done waaaaay more damage had I allowed myself. I had fun though and fun and Christmas shopping to me is foreign unless I do it WAAAAAAAY early so I was pleased by the feeling.

I also got my hair chopped at the Mall. It’s been driving me insane lately and I hadn’t really had time to get it done during my lunch and being that I’m on vacation and nowhere near downtown I marched into a salon in the mall and asked them to chop it. I have to say that the lady did a really nice job. It was so quiet in there that she really took the time on me. She is the only hairdresser in a long time that realized that I have like twice as much hair as the average person which means it needs a LOT of thinning and texturizing to make it not stick out all over my head. She cut it wet and then finished it dry. Cost me like almost half what my regular hairdresser charges to boot! Best $27 bucks I’ve spent in a while!

Chris started his new job today at 1:00 pm, I’m still waiting to find out when the heck he’s off shift. I’m assuming as it’s close to 8:00 that he is working an 8 hour day. I’ve got to go and pick him up when he’s done, the area he’s working in isn’t exactly Disneyland. The boy has got to get his license (and a car).

Gahhhh the wrapping is still looming though. I did a chunk of it last night but man-oh-man it’s still a huge daunting job! Tom can help me at least wrap the Boy’s stuff and my Mom’s but we always wrap all the stocking stuff too!

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One Response to The secret to shopping …..

  1. Tom says:

    Blame me for the wrapping of the stocking stuffers. Correction: Blame my mom…she always did that for my sisters and I when we were kids. In fact, the first Christmas I spent up here with Belinda and the boys (when we were dating long-distance) it seemed weird to me that Belinda DIDN’t wrap the stocking stuff. I mentioned how, if for no other reason, it’s a great way of using up all those extra little bits of wrapping paper left over when the “big” presents are wrapped. Plus it’s more fun to unwrap stuff, even little stuff.

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