Deck the Condo….with boughs of…well with decorations there is no holly

Self timer pic #1 running to try and get in picture in ten seconds
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Note to self; when you do a timer picture clear a pathway from camera to tree!! I think I slipped and tripped my way into all the pictures!

We finally had all four of us at home at the same time and put up the tree and a few of the decorations. I still have to yanno, like hoover the place and dust cos I’ve been REALLY lazy lately before the rest of the stuff is put up but it’s beginning to look a lot MORE like Christmas.

I’m happy to say I am DONE, DONE, DONE my shopping WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW AND YIPPEEEE!! I was stressing about the last couple of things, debating what to get and I came to a decision last night and picked them up this morning.

Tom’s out doing some more shopping as we speak. He had one more thing to pick up for Chris from us and whatever mystery shopping he has left for me to do. I should be wrapping right now, but instead I downloaded the pictures from last night, and I’m well, blogging as I’m sure you’ve guessed.

It was a fun evening. I had to pick up the Boy from his job at 5:30, we did dinner and then got right to decorating. Everyone but me (heehee) had to get up early so we wanted to be done by 10:00 pm.

Cinny as usual saw that she got back her big chew toy for another year.
Hard to keep this damn cat from chewing the tree good thing it's  non toxic

Last year we got the big tree, so in years past she had to settle for a three foot chew toy with a lot less girth. She’s one happy cat now. We’ve given up trying to stop her. We’ve gotten smarter with the decorations though and now none of them dangle off the bottom of the tree. Last year she was playing hockey with them on the floor (it’s our first place with laminate flooring, so lesson learned)
Yum! Trees to chew

We picked up these cute stocking hangers last year. Tom put them up on the mantle. He asked me last night if the spacing was ok. Yeah spacing is great.. I didn’t however notice until this morning downloading the pictures that in fact Santa is being pushed by the reindeer… yeah umm Tom, Hon? It doesn’t work that way k? HAHAHAH

Tom puts up the stocking holders

We even decorated the cats.. that didn’t go over too well though..


Will rolling work to get it off?


Rest of the Xmas decorating Photo Set is HERE ON FLICKR

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