Alas the days of vacation are ovah

Not that I’m ungrateful or anything, but could two weeks go any faster?? I guess my Mom’s move and post-move stuff had something to do with it but crap!! Now I feel like I need another vacation and it’s not even over yet.

Well at least Christmas is a’comin’ and that’s something to look forward to. I’ve been staring at the tree and finding it quite hard to resist peeking, shaking and squishing the packages with my name on them. I HAVE resisted, but barely..

That and my last few days in my 30’s (sucks thumb) as I sliiiiide into my 40’s in oooh…*checks calendar* hey exactly a month tomorrow! Just kidding, I’ve been saying I’m forty for the last six months, saves sounding like I’m trying to hang onto my 30’s by saying ooh I’m 39 and a HALF (ha)!

I guess I’ve kind of missed people too, I mean SOME people not all people in general. I’ve been a bit of a hermit the last couple of weeks and that’s not really my bag. There are times when being all hermit like is a good thing (mostly for other people), especially if I’m in a bad mood, but for the most part I am a fairly sociable creature. I used to be a LOT more sociable, now I’m all over that when the mood strikes and other times just like being amongst my own at home. I used to go out and socialize quite a bit when I was younger, but BTDT got the T-shirt.I did meet some of the Gals for dinner a week or so ago, that was fun. It was supposed to be a group of uhh 7 or 8 of us, but for various different reasons, people had to bail. I was good though, I was not a Drop-a-dish. I’ve been told I’ve earned a free D-A-D with my loyalty for showing up even on vacation, that could come in handy.

I found a lottery ticket I hadn’t checked yet and DAMN! NO SUCH LUCK!! I also realized there was a small pile of tickets that we had looked at quickly, realized there was no big winner on it and put them aside on the desk. We don’t buy them that often, usually when the pot is getting larger, or when I’m in a pissy mood (my $2.00 therapy) and I found we have a few bucks worth of winnings, so I’m gonna roll that into a ticket for this Wednesday. I don’t care if it’s a mere couple of Mill, I’m sure we can scrape by on it (cough)

Ohh just checked the time, it’s time to cry (Extreme Makeover Home Edition) good solid tear jerking television, just what I need!

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