Hope we didn’t get a ‘sneezer’

I participated in ‘Bring your Wife to work’ day yesterday. Ok. It wasn’t really an official day, more like ‘hey you rarely get to see your spouse for more than a few hours every other day so if it’s gotta be at work to do it so be it’ day.

Burrard Street, Vancouver

It’s still fun for me to see things from the inside. It’s nice to meet the folks there, well the crew anyway.. and they’ve always been super friendly to me which is cool. Tom’s ‘office’ the graphics room is away from the rest of the crew, other than of course the Graphic artist who is on that day. I kind of miss the set up of his last station where everyone was basically in the same room so I could see all the stuff that goes on but it’s interesting anyway. What I think is cool is that people can joke and make it lighthearted, not take themselves so seriously and have a little fun. I’m all over having some fun at work. It can’t be all ‘here is grindstone, place nose here’ kind of stuff. I would go seriously stir if I couldn’t laugh at work, stress would eat me alive. So not good.

He came bearing snack food. Bring M&M candies and they will come. Funny bunch too, really charming.

On Tom’s ‘lunch’ at 7ish we went to the local Denny’s. Reasonable cost to food and it’s never THAT crowded at that time of the evening. K, yanno I’m very aware how being a ‘restaurant server’ isn’t an easy job especially if it’s busy. Well last night it wasn’t busy, in fact the place was half empty. We sat for a good 15 minutes with Tom TRYING to make eye contact with someone. He thought he succeeded a few times, but to have these people just rush by and ignore us. I could feel my impatience rising and when that happens I have to give it an outlet. I ended up saying “That’s it” and jumped up to get a hold of the Manager, I mean come ON people we don’t all have all day. Anyway as I was heading that way a Waitress was walking towards me and I expressed my frustration that we’d been sitting there, well over 20 minutes at that point and NOBODY had even taken our freaking order and yanno we are on LUNCH break here people! She GRUDGINGLY came to our table, because she yanno, wasn’t OUR waitress and was in fact quite rude. Sucking up would have been good at that point. So I’m still pissy and Tom’s rolling his eyes at them.

Finally the lady who sat us, crew chief, Manager or whatever walked by and yanno, finally looked our way. Of course my drumming my hands loudly on the table just MAY have caught her attention. She asked if we had been waited on yet, she looked concerned cos I’m sure we weren’t exactly looking thrilled at that point. I said well yeah FINALLY someone came but only after I got up to get someone. She apologized and said she would see where our food was. Magically it appeared borne in the arms of who was supposed to be our Waiter. He says that we were seated in his area while he was on a break and took 20% off the bill. He also brought the cheque right away because ‘he knew we were in a hurry’ yeah.. no duh!


After all that, the food tasted good enough, and we had just about enough time to stuff ourselves sick. I had a buffalo chicken melt. ‘burp’. Man, that thing makes me gassy. It was torture holding it in all night. I didn’t want to, yanno, let one go at Tom’s work. That’s pretty cruel cos I can be lethal when there is spices involved. Nuff said.

The sound guy was playing music before the 11:30 to the crew. It was pretty funny to hear the anchor signing along with it and bouncing in his chair. I still have the song ‘Pop music’ stuck in my head. I’m working on getting rid of it with my mp3 player. Well it’s better than the song ‘let it snow’ that song’s been torturing me for days. I swear it’s on every damn commercial lately. Ooooh hey I’ve hit Harry Connick Jr. ‘Don’t get around much anymore’. Total coincidence, I was talking about it on the drive home last night.

When we got home, we poured a glass of wine, unwound and watched ‘Real Sex’ on tv. Love.that.show. It’s like watching a freakshow at times and I’m all over that. I miss the show ‘The Family business’ about the porn star Seymore Butts, don’t remember what his real name is. It had to be seriously staged for a ‘reality’ show but it was freaking hilarious. I loved his foul mouthed Cousin, I felt kinship there. I grew up hanging out with a lot of guys. I had the mouth of a trucker by 17. I’ve worked on it since then so it’s way more diluted now but at times, it still shines through =)I CAN be very well behaved in public though, mostly.

Oooh, now it’s Franky baby…

*signs off doing a soft shoe*

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