Crapptastic day today, I’m in a really BAD mood. Top that off with a cherry only ONE of my kids decided to do the things I asked them to do because I’m doing the Christmas dinner this weekend and I have to work full time (plus) the whole week. The one who didn’t do it? The one that I’m ferrying back and forth to his work when it’s dark, the one that owes me bigtime for all the considerate things I do, had the nerve to say to me when I saw the place wasn’t clean..”Ohhhhh damn, why didn’t you call to remind me!” Uh yeah, way to prove you’re an adult. Blame ME for not reminding him to do what I asked him last night.

Who put his pants through an extra rinse last night because he used a keg full of soap on his work clothes? Who reminded him before heading to bed that he needs to take them out to hang dry when the rinse is done? Who then checked the washer this AM to see that he DIDN’T take out his clothes and hung them up so they would dry for him? Sigh and it’s my fault for not reminding him to do something yet again. Yeah that would be me. Inconsiderate I am. YEESH.

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2 Responses to GAH!!!!!!

  1. Bill says:

    I have found that wearing damp clothes on a cool morning an effective memory improvement technique. Same goes for no dinner until after the dishes are done.
    In other news… Merry Christmas Y’all

  2. Beezzez says:

    Oohhh good idea! Merry HOHO to you too Bill xoxo

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