Christmas Eve, Eve

Well a long and tiring work-week is ovahhhh!! Yay!! Now I have a Turkey sitting in my fridge TRYING to defrost, damn fridge! Have to pull the old ‘plunge into a sink of cold water’ trick to defrost it without gambling with the giving everyone the wonderful present of Salmonella for Christmas.

Yeah we do the big dinner on Xmas Eve, which is a tradition on my side of the family (well Mom’s) it’s a Nordic thing but as a kid it was GREAT cos we opened all our gifts that night too. This was especially great for my Parents, no Kids waking them up at the crack of dawn to open presents, I would get up and PLAY with them quietly while they slept on.

We kind of blend the traditions though, we only open the gifts from/to my Mom Xmas Eve and then the do the rest of our little family’s gifts in the morning the old fashioned way. We do a big breakfast too (burp). After the morning’s fun the Boys go with their Father to visit the Grandparents on his side for dinner. It works.

Tom and I always play a Christmas gag on the kids. It started back in 2001 and has continued each year. This year it’s gonna be GREAT!! Totally worthy of photos but I won’t say what it is in case the Kids read this by chance (heehee)They LOVEEEEE this stuff. Sean’s been asking if we are gonna do the ‘gag’ this year. We said maybe the gag is there is no gag….(hah!) yeah right….

I mentioned it in old posts, but one year we hid their presents and they had to find them with clues, the next year they were given hideous old sweaters (as a joke) and had to work together to figure out where to find their big gift. Another year we Christmas wrapped the entrance to the livingroom so nobody could get in (except a walkway for the cats) and signs telling them NOT to wake us until 11:00 am and DO NOT CROSS. Sean got up early saw the paper and sat in the hallway outside our room muttering to himself “ohhhh stupid stupid stupid!!” He was DYING to shake gifts and check out his stocking! We were laying in bed snickering the whole time.

Christmas Day we plan to relax, eat leftovers and do NOTHING!! Swwwweeeeeeet!!!

Well, off to go relax with a well earned glass of wine!

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve from:

Tom's Snowman


My Snowman


Chris' Snowman


Sean's Snowman

And Sean

Da booty

And allll the presents under the tree!!!

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