The still not quite defrosted Turkey

The still not quite defrosted Turkey
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Yeah, I thought so. I checked this morning and the turkey is ALMOST there but not quite defrosted. Being that I have to shove the sucker in the oven in a few hours that wouldn’t do so it’s having a cold water bath in my sink.

It’s not HUGE cos there is only five of us for dinner. I made the mistake of listening to someone at the store who said it’s better to buy bigger (for leftovers). Yeah. Good plan. I bought friggin birdzilla. We could have eaten it for days. Third day we decided enough was enough and got take-out.

We watched Christmas videos last night (all the old school TV animations I have on VHS not DVD.) I KNOW!! I forgot how annoying it is to have no chapters or extras or having to fast forward through stuff that takes forever. It was fun though. Tom and I sang along with the songs. Lame eh? It’s amazing how much inuendo you can make up out of some of the lines in those cartoons. Sean kept telling us to grow up when we would burst out laughing, or add a word or two to a line to make them sick. Ha! Good times! We watched ‘The Year without a Santa Claus’ and ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ two classics.

We had already watched Frosty and the Grinch on TV but the networks hacked the stink out of them to fit in more commercials. Bastards!

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