They both start with O…and other holiday moments

T’was a wonderful Christmas!

The turkey dinner turned out FAB if I have to say so myself. The turkey was so darn juicy and tender (bless you butterball) of course it helped that I didn’t have to keep it warm for anyone to come home, that can sure dry out a turkey I tells ya!


The Spread

After stuffing ourselves and battling the after dinner sleepies with a nice cuppa (coffee not tea)wonderful Tom cleaned up and shooed me out of the kitchen. After he was done we did our giftage with Mom.


As she was opening the box that contained her new perfume, she caught sight of the name. “Oh!!” She said, “It’s called ORGASM??” she pauses “Oh wait, or is it Organza?”

Ummm yeah Mom it’s Organza (by Givenchy) We were howling! My Mom is 73 years old, and said this so casually, so off the cuff. Classic moment.

‘Orgasm’ by Givenchy

Dcp02823_Mom and Step Daddy Tom

Taken by Sean

As usual there were TONS of pictures taken. You can click on the link and find the rest of the Christmas Eve pix here on Flickr

We opened the gifts from/to her and everyone loved what they got. We drove Mom home when it got late and sent her home with a stocking to open in the morning and then after, we headed home to relax with a nice glass of “Whew we made it through another Christmas dinner” glass of Shiraz.

We slept in until 9:00ish. I got up to make our traditional Christmas breakfast, this year however we decided to mix it up a bit and ate FIRST, before gifts. Sean came popping out the minute I started digging for pans. “I heard noises!!” he said figuring that was the signal that he was able to get up. He was a wee bit crestfallen to hear we were to eat first. Chris crawled out of bed reluctantly at first until he remembered there were presents involved. We all ate and then Tom and I revealed this year’s ‘Gag’ which was for the Kids to read a poem that Tom wrote (and designed) which the had to read together.

The 'clue'.. Tom's handywork!

You shoulda seen their faces when they clued in what was coming up.

We brought out the hats and scarves we bought for them to wear, and handed them the lyrics to the song “We are Santa’s Elves”. The deal was they had to ‘sing’ the song on camera (video and still) wearing the costumes. We were surprised they were really good sports about it. We were wondering if it would take some coaxing (blackmail) but it didn’t.

Singing the song

Sing the Elf Song

I think it helped that Tom and I were wearing silly hats too…

Evil parents!!

Santa Tommy and Reindeer Belinda

We all made out like bandits. After dropping subtle (ehem) hints that I would LOVEEEE a Garnet ring (my birthstone) ok… practically pulling Tommy into every jewelry store we passed and pressing his nose to the glass to show him exactly the style I like (he says buying jewelry for me stresses him out cos I’m so picky) he did GREAT!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring! Sean congratulated him on picking it out himself and not even needing his help (he was designated back up memory for what Mom likes)

He got me lots of girly things and Sex and the City season two, I got him lots of ‘guy’ things… yanno tools, those walkie talkie thingies that you can talk to each other miles away (go to the mall the other stays home.. no cell bill cool!)and some guy toiletries (for the Metro -sexual in Tom (ha) ) along with a couple of DVDs, The Larry Sanders show season one and Arrested Development season two.

Tom and Arrested Development season 2!

Chris made out with lots of stuff for his electric guitar (hard case, strings) and new games etc.
Chris and his guitar case

Sean was pretty much all about games, three new ones plus stuff for his Nintendo DS.

Sean's DS accessories

Both of them got cool hard cash from Grandma Barbara. That brought on some biggg smiles (and immediate thoughts to what they could spend it on)

We received calls from my Mom and from Nan and Carol (Tom’s Sisters) and he called Linda (his other Sister) after he figured she would be up. She’s working tonight poor thing and with a cold too! Tom’s Mom is at his Aunts for the holiday so he will talk to her when she gets back. We both got gift cards from Tom’s Mom and we got Amazon gift certs (yay!!) from Nancy, Olive Garden (whoohoo!)and ‘Brain’ themed DVD movies from Linda (mmm brains!)

All of our Christmas Morning pix here on Flickr

I gave Sean my OLD digital camera (Kodak from 1998!) He has his own set of photos he took on Flickr too. Click Here to see Sean’s photos on Flickr

In the later afternoon it was time for the Boys to head over to their Father’s place as they were off to their Grandfather’s place for Dinner (and yet more presents)

All it all it was a wonderful Christmas. As Tom says they are just getting better and better!

Merry Xmas from the Per-vells!

Merry Christmas from the Per-Vells

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