Walking in the rain

Does anyone else feel like they must immediately put all Christmas decorations back in the box? I’m sure the Kids think I’m the biggest scrooge in the world when it comes to decorations, because if I had it my way they would be up for a couple of days and then back in the box the minute Christmas is over. Of course being married to an Elf the way I am that doesn’t happen, that and the Boys would kill me.

Tom and I went for a nice dinner out last night as it was just the two of us and it was nice not having to cook or clean up after all that. Walking there (the restaurant is barely a block and a half away from home) we passed our building and we could see how many places through the windows that faced the street that didn’t bother to decorate . I mentioned that if I was some old lady living on my own I doubt I would bother either. There are a lot of Seniors in our complex and I’m sure a great portion of those that didn’t decorate are seniors or single people.

I suppose a lot of the way I feel comes from the fact Christmas usually meant fighting in my house growing up, mostly over money, and the fact, you know, it would have to be spent. I’ve ALWAYS made it fun for the Kids and hid my own natural disdain for the holiday. Meeting Tom helped to turn things around for me because he is so naturally full of the joys of Christmas, it’s really hard to be a big poo about it.

I got an extra two days off work as the holiday fell over the weekend, and Tom got the weekend and yesterday off. He’s back at work today, and will be working for a several week stretch on a late shift so I won’t be seeing a whole lot of him a little while but it was sure nice having some full days together. It’s too quiet here when nobody is home but me.

I went out for a walk in the light rain as I was going a bit stir. Of course once I got outside it started to pour.. figures! It’s a good thing that I like the rain and didn’t really care that my hair got wet, I mean seriously where was I going that anyone would care? I could have turned around at any point but it was refreshing. I have to remember to NOT wear the nylon jacket when I go for a fast walk though (urgh sweaty!!) I really wish we were nearer a park though. I’m sure I look really stupid to the people I walk by, because I’m usually listening to something I really like on my MP3 player which causes me to bounce around and smile.

I love music and I love this player. Tom got it for me as a surprise before our Georgia trip. I couldn’t get it to work before the trip though because I didn’t have long enough to play with it and discover a stupid setting that was preventing WMP from transferring my purchased songs, but since I figured it out it’s been great. It’s 1 gig so it keeps me going for a long time. He got me a new pair of earphones for Xmas too which are really light and hang on well. My other pair, the wire was starting to go. I don’t use the ‘ear buds’ because my inner ear is too small and they just pop right out, they hurt like hell too.

Ohhh caught myself just smiling at my ring again. I’ve been doing that the last couple of days. I’m such a jewelry whore. I suppose if I could, and it didn’t look really stupid, I would be wearing a ring on every single finger. Rings are my favourite things EVAR! Ok JEWELRY in general is, but damn, something about rings that get my eyes to sparkling. I suppose because it’s one of the few things you can see all the time other than bracelets and they get in the way. Earrings and necklaces you have to see in the mirror unless they are long enough to dangle. Rings you can watch the flash of the light on them winking back at you. Like I said to Tom, I love ALL my presents but I can have favourites!!

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