Who do you look like?

Found this site in my online wanderings and I’ve been having fun with it since:

My Heritage Facial Recognition

You upload a picture and it scans your face and then matches you to a list of 2400 Celeb pictures. It’s hilarious! I’ve run many different pictures of all of us and some people are consistent, but it obviously focuses on certain characteristics, for me I KNOW it’s my nose. My most frequent match ups are Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock and Shirley Mclaine (haha) along with some people I’ve never heard of..

It’s hard for me to find a picture of Tom where he’s not making a face at the camera so his are all over the map. My fave one though was his match to Lucille Ball!

Here are some more examples… too funny



Sean/Natalie Wood(!)


Try it, it’s fun!

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