Have you seen the little piggies, crawling in the dirt?

It was clean once….

What is it about boys that makes them such dirty creatures? I mean, I don’t want to pigeonhole every single teenage male, but this phenomenon doesn’t seem to begin and end with my own Boys. I’ve heard similar tales from other harried and frustrated Mothers who despite their best efforts cannot get their Sons to keep their rooms clean or to, well, bathe on a regular basis. That is unless there is a woman in the picture to impress. To be fair, the messy room is not unique to the male gender, but that curiously rank smell definitely is. I recall friends of mine of the male persuasion who’s rooms were scented with eau de sweatsock. Sean isn’t entirely innocent in this, but he’s the lesser of the two piggies.

This evening I asked Sean to pitch out some of their laundry as he’s out of clean clothes, or rather those clothes that he actually likes to wear. I still do Sean’s laundry though I’ve asked Chris to start doing his own as he’s living here ‘rent-free’ at the moment and even if he wasn’t, he’s old enough to be doing laundry his own-self! Of course, this is done on an ‘as-needed’ basis, based on his criteria for the ‘needed’. Needless to say our definitions are not the same. Not even from the same dictionary.

I put a bunch of Sean’s clothes in with a pair of Chris’ jeans that I swear were ready to walk away on their own. K, Gross. I have to fight the urge to put on a hazard suit and rubber gloves every time I pass within a few feet of their door, never mind venture in. As I stepped that half a foot in the door to grab the laundry I got a whiff of that mixture of sweat, unwashed old laundry and oh probably the remnants of something Chris let rot in there until the last time I made him clean up his mess just before Christmas and I RAN for the kitchen to grab the Fabreeze and the air freshener. I stood there waving both around madly spraying everything in sight and closed the door. There, if I can’t see it, it’s not there. Ahhhh, sweet merciful denial.

Then I washed my hands for five minutes.

Ladies in our wonderful Son’s futures, who ever you may be please note, I tried. Best of luck.

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  1. Tom says:

    Oh I’m sure my mom can regale you with stories of my youth, Hon! Although in MY messy bedroom there was at least a pathway between the door and the bed…I’m constantly amazed at how the boys are fine with walking several inches above the floor (with an increasing linear progression over time – it’s fascinating!)

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