Our ensuite toilet was starting to hum. Ok it was more a honk. It’s had this peculiar quirk for a while now, getting progressively worse and theorized to be due to a slow leak in the tank. After a flush you would hear a “gulk gulk” noise for a bit then it would quiet except for the odd hiss. Every so often the “gulk gulk” would come back followed by a whistle or outright howl and scare the bejesus out of the cats, and I’m sure really pissed off the neighbours. I’m sure they were trying to figure out where that noise was coming from. It was getting worse, happening more often and at ALL times of the day and night randomly vibrating and bellowing us out of a nice sound sleep.

Rather than wait for someone to complain about us, Tom went to good old Home Dept and picked up some new toilet parts and spent part of this morning installing them hoping they will do the trick rather than having to replace all the moving parts. So far so good (knock wood!!) My awesome little plumber man! It’s been a quite honk free night. Oh my gosh does this mean no rude toilet wake up call tonight?

There are signs of things that are starting to need some work around here and in some cases, outright replacement. HOPEFULLY we will get into a house sooner rather than later so we can invest the time and money into fixing THAT up rather than this place. I mean I love this place but it’s really a rest stop on the way to true home ownership. I’m DYING to have a house of our own where there aren’t any RULES as to what I put up for window treatments or pets or anything like that.. well outside of City LAWS but I can deal with those. Not like I want a pig for a pet or anything… hmmm a pig….awwww PIGGIES!!!

Speaking of piggies I have TWO count em TWO piggie calendars! I have one for work from my wonderful Boss Linda and one from my wonderful Hubby. The best part is, they are totally DIFFERENT piggie calendars so I have one for home and one for office. Both of them are all babies pigs, cos really that’s when they are cute face it! Older they are… well BACON!

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  1. Bill says:

    Next time jiggle the handle!

  2. Beezzez says:

    We jiggled and shook it was worse than that. I was about to start using the Boy’s bathroom, that’s how bad it was getting!

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