New Years day UNTRIMMING of tree
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Well New Years came and went and so came the day of UNTRIMMING the tree. I commented to Tom how it always seems to be be faster to undecorate than decorate. Of course then he pointed out to me that there isn’t exactly arranging to do when you are taking decorations off and putting them away… ok duh me! Guess that’s true.

It helps though that we keep the packaging for some of the ornaments, that and the fact we have the foresight to save really cool sturdy boxes from shite that we get throughout the year for just such a use.


Balls!!! er… I mean Christmas Balls

Cinny is NOT happy

Wonder if I can go in the box with the tree?

Cinny trying to figure out if she can go in the box with the tree

We simply MUST clear out that storage room though, there is more room to be had in there but it’s always such a low priority when it comes to doing ‘stuff’ around here. I mean we MUST have our downtime too!

I’ve been giving more and more thought to the idea of buying a house and moving on up. It’s quite exciting a prospect, fraught with many more responsibilities but also a lot more pros than cons. For instance, I would feel a lot more like doing home improvement type stuff if it was a place we were going to set roots down in for a while. Here, it just seems like a waste of time. I mean small improvements sure, but putting a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this place won’t increase the value THAT much. Maybe if it would benefit US in the short term, otherwise, why bother?

My shoulder/neck is still sore, though it has improved some. That hot searing knife pain goes away mostly after taking the Anti-inflam and applying the heat, that and ‘Rub A535’.

Every time I see this product on the shelf I see the words ‘RUB ASS’

Some kind of freaky optical illusion…

Anyway, it smells bad but it seems to help. Unfortunately other things in the house are starting to smell like “RUB ASS”.. my pillow, my hands, my shirt, my Husband… poor guy!

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