Liquid scream, Arfie McBarfie, Atomic Burp

The Boys and I had just finished eating dinner tonight when we heard that familiar watery ‘guck guck’ noise that I dread hearing. All three of our heads swiveled in the direction of the sound and we are treated to the sight of Nutmeg, neck jutting forward and waddling as quick as his stubby legs could carry him, over to the area rug. Yes the one piece of carpeting in the sea of laminate flooring that is our condo and he targets it to unload on.

I starting to yell “NOOOOOOO!!” Bad idea. Nutmeg turns his head to see me running towards him JUST as he ‘buys a Buick’ and Linda Blairs in a colourful arch, all over my beloved rug.

Now he knows he’s in trouble and starts running to hide and heads for the closest door, the Boys room. “NOOOOO!!” Sean yells… too late, whooops here he goes again, this time on Chris’ amp and some clothing that just ‘happens’ *cough* to be on the floor. GAHHH!!!!

Nutmeg was banished to the Boys bathroom until I could be assured that the episode had passed, and while I was cleaning up his technicolour deposit. He looked properly ashamed when I let him out and went and hid under the dining room table until I looked less pissed.

After typing all that, and thinking of all the euphemisms that came to mind for chunkage, I had to google it. Paydirt…

Click HERE for many different ways to say ‘Barking at the ants’, and ‘ Psychedelic belch’

I love the Internet.

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4 Responses to Liquid scream, Arfie McBarfie, Atomic Burp

  1. Tom says:

    Some of my favourites off that link:

    -Bork your smorgus

    -Deliver a street pizza

    -Digestive pyrotechnics

    -Make copies of the menu

    -Worship the worms

  2. Beezzez says:

    Other than the ones I used, I would have to say I also like ‘Dishonorable discharge’

  3. Bill says:

    At least dogs will usually clean up their own mess.
    Or a second dog will.

  4. Beezzez says:

    Urgh… cats do too but they don’t suck stain out of the carpet *gag*

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