Bathroom Farce

Sean and a friend he met this year planned on hanging out at his place after school on Friday. No problem I said as long as I get all the pertinent contact info and that he could stay there until I pick him up or he heads home to ensure he’s home before dark.

Sure Sean says, his friend was checking with his Mom and he was to call him tonight with all the details and a confirmation it was a go. Great. It was getting later in the evening and there was still no call. Sean was getting disappointed (read cranky). I said well chin up maybe he’ll still call.

Soooo, ok TMI time here but it was time to Pick your favourite slang for it here and after a while I hear Sean come to the bathroom door and say, “Uhhh Yeah Mom, my friend ____ called and it’s a go for Friday.” I said “Ok good”. There is a pause and then a mumble. I said “Sean I can’t hear what you said, WHAT??” He talks louder “Uhhh yeah but he said his Mom wants to talk to you…after.. *mumble*” I sigh with impatience and start err ‘wrapping things up’ and I said “Ok can I finish up in here before we talk anymore PLEASE!!” Sean goes “Oh yeah, uhh ok”

I emerge from the bathroom after struggling to flush our toilet (still some trailing flushing issues) and I see Sean sitting on our Bed with phone STILL IN HAND. “Here” he said and hands it to me.

OH MY GOD!!! He kept the Mom waiting! While I was well, FINISHING my bathroom business!!! He said his friend had called. CALLED (PAST TENSE)not is STILL ON THE PHONE WAITING FOR YOUR POOPING ASS! I took the phone after giving the boy a killer look and said hello. The first thing I heard was a chuckle….

Anyway she was very nice and I got all the info and it’s a go. I’m going to kill Sean.. but that’s another story.

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