Bellingham bound once again

Sean taking a pic of me showing Tom a pic.. turned out neat cos of the reflection
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Tom had the day off today so we planned a trip down to Bellingham for the day. It was RAINING pretty much the whole time, but tis the season I guess.

Was fun, we stopped for breakfast…

(out of the sides of our mouths) Seannnnn press the button okk.... nowwww

Sean woudn't eat the whipped cream with his mouth cos I would have taken a pic of him with it all over haha


TRYING to get Sean to act goofy... he's not too willing

Goofing by the kiddie rides

And did our Linner at Anthony’s as usual…everyone had the same main course (Alaskan Halibut mmmmmm)

Sean took this at Anthony's

Sean pouring his rootbeer

Customs made us pay up this time, but as they’d let us go without paying the extra tax on our goodies for the last three trips, we figured we were due….

Now we have wine (me) and Bourbon (Tom) to look forward to!!

Nice day!

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