Anyone want to buy a kidney? Hardly abused!

YIKES. We had the consultation with the surgeon today that would be doing Sean’s jaw surgery. He performed an exam and made some notes and then asked us to move into his consultation area. He demonstrated what it is they do and made Sean aware of all the different steps and the small ‘risks’ that there are (numbness in a small part of your chin if a nerve if effected). He got through all that and then he got to the juicy part, the FEES. He started talking about what was covered by Medical (the actual surgery, hospitalization etc) and then what wasn’t covered. Wasn’t covered to the tune of $4,500, eep!

Do you know that feeling when all the blood rushes to your head and your eyeballs started to pulsate? Yeah that was me. I think I tuned out some of his talking at that point. I felt like Homer Simpson …”Lisa needs braces… Dental plan”. Knowing that this is something we HAVE to do, and yet the bills that we have to look forward to.

Keep in mind this isn’t the braces either, oh no. THAT’S gonna be another 6K or so on top of the $4,500.00. I told the surgeon that I’m gold plating Sean after this. He laughed. Yeah he can afford to laugh. I’m SO in the wrong bidnass!

I saw Sean’s face on the ride home, he looked worried. I turned to him and told him NOT to feel guilty and NOT to worry about it. It would be done and he would be gold plated. He looked relieved. Poor Kid.

The sticker shock has started to wear off so the planning begins. I already broke the news to my ex. There were a lot of ‘ok’s’ (I’m sure some shock on his part too as it was all fresh and yummy news for him too) but I didn’t hear a thump of him passing out on the other end of the line.

I’ve already got some money saved up in a ‘Braces fund’ for what we HAD anticipated to be ‘out of pocket’ I thought we were all set. Guess not. The good news I guess is that we do have some insurance between my Ex and I, not like it’s going to be entirely out of pocket *grumble*. We also have some TIME. The next step is talking to the Ortho again and figuring out when the appliance that stretches the top of Sean’s mouth goes in. We have to do a pre-approval from the Insurance companies before any of this, and then pay the fees up front and collect them on the back end, that is until the coverage is exhausted, then the fun begins. It’s just basically ensuring we have the money to front the costs and then banking the refunds. That money will be the out of pocket stuff at the end when there is no more insurance, and to pay for the surgery. It will work out I know but MAN!

What blows me away though, is the insurance company NOT covering the jaw surgery as it’s considered ‘special care’ yeah well it’s necessary special care! I was told he would lose his teeth in the future should this not be done, and if we chose braces alone his tongue would probably undo all of the work before that happens, nice. I could see it if it were just, like me, I have a slightly recessed jaw. It’s cosmetically not pleasant but it doesn’t effect my bite, nor cause me any grief medically. Sean on the other hand, his is NECESSARY, don’t they get that? It’s not for grins, not for VANITY it’s for health! BAH!!

Come ON lotto!!

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