Forgot to mention…

The confetti that was all over my office at work yesterday
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

My lovely coworker Prue decorated my office with the help of a few others for my birthday. They had scattered this ’40’ confetti e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e on my seat, my desk, the floor etc etc.

I’m sure I’m not super popular with the cleaning crew. True enough it will be a test to see if they really vaccuum every night.

She tried to buy baloons with ’40’ on them too but they were out. She improvised and bough ones pre-printed with ‘4’ and drew zeros on them with a jiffy marker haha. Industrious! I told everyone that stopped by to wish me happy B’day that I was only 4.

40 years old

Forty ‘written across my forehead’

Was sweet of her.

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