Sideways (or after drinking a whole bottle of wine myself… staggering)

I spent my Birthday alone with a wine bottle.. how sad is that?? Naw just kidding, well not about the wine bottle, I DID drink wine, and yeah I was by myself but I was enjoying the movie ‘Sideways’ yet again. I just finished the book the movie was based on which inspired me to pull out the dvd once more and curl up with my wine to watch it.

Yeah I all but caught the last few drips out of the bottle with my tongue (Tom came home at 1:00 am from the station and joined me for a nightcap of Bourbon (for him) and I yes, I finished the bottle). Surprisingly with no ill effects other than a slight stagger when it came time to hit the sheets. No hangover, nadda. I rarely get hungover from wine though. Rum… ahhh that’s another matter.

What I loved about reading the book is how through most of it, even though I had watched the movie FIRST and love it dearly, I was completely caught up in the story and didn’t keep making mental references to the movie (except for the occasional aha moment). A compliment to both the author and the screen writer/director Alex Payne and of course to the author of the book Rex Picket.

I think they chose exactly the right elements from the original book to keep the story flowing visually, while the original story delved a bit deeper into the characters and backstory, something that can’t be accomplished in two hours or under without some of the audience drifting.

What I also love about the story, is the fallible characters, neither one of them above reproach, yet you find yourself rooting for them despite yourself.

I love the extra character of wine itself which is hands down my favourite drink on the planet, next to coffee and coffee only wins because I can’t drink wine all the time.

We went on a wine tour last year in the Okanagan region of BC, partly because of this film, and have been seriously thinking of heading down to Napa to do one there one of these years. I know the movie took place in the Santa Ynez region, but ehhh, I want to see Napa myself maybe some other time in Santa Barbara.

We’ve seen lots of Southern California, especially Tom having lived there for so many years.. but not nearly enough of Central and for that matter Northern CA. I love the coast, I love the ocean that we don’t see here. We are so sheltered by Vancouver Island you have to travel there to the West Coast to see the wildness of the sea. Sniff, I want to go back to San Fransico too, but I admit it’s hard to resist the lure of Disneyland!

Tomorrow is my official birthday ‘celebration’ where I get to open my presents and we have dinner. Unfortunately Chris will be working so he can’t join us though, ah well..

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