Dinner and a movie

Had a lovely ‘Birthday’ on Saturday. Tom took me out for Breakfast and then we had his oil changed (not to be misread, it was a car oil change heh) did some laps around Costco (yay more lounge around pants) and headed home. The Boys had arrived from their Father’s while we were out (I wasn’t expecting them we were going to pick up Sean for dinner later but Sean wanted to come early) and I opened my presents FINALLY!! YAY! It took all my willpower to wait until Saturday.

Tom got me a REALLY lovely pendant to match my Garnet Ring (yay!) and some honey scented bath lotions and stuff. My Mom got me some delicate diamond stud earrings, very sweet of her.


Still waiting for something from The Boy. He CLAIMS that it’s been difficult getting time to buy something and the store he works in is all tools/sports stuff/home improvement etc. I pointed out to him that the rule about practical things doesn’t apply to HIM only to Tom because Tom has to be MR ROMANCE. The brat then suggested a compressor with a smile. I said well, ok something a bit more FEMININE PERHAPS? he says “A pink compressor??” I called him an asshole and he laughed. BRAT! Yes I call my Son an Asshole but it’s said with looooove.

Chris had to work, so it was just the three of us for dinner at the O.G. We called ahead so the wait wasn’t AS horrible as it could have been being a Saturday night and the only one in town. Some guy was making/giving out free balloon flowers which I was presented with. The guy gave it to Tom and asked HIM to choose which Lady in the whole place to give it to. Tom asks “The most lovely? The most wonderful?” and hands it to me. SUCK UP!!!



Dinner was yummy as usual but I wasn’t thrilled with where we sat (near the entrance in the bar area) it was a wee bit chilly and noisy from the bar, particularly the blender going off every few mins.



We had a nice time though. We had an hour or so to till before picking up Chris from work so we window shopped for a while. Sean wants to spend his combined Xmas money on a new digital camera. He’s realized however, that it’s not so cheap. He may need to do some chores to earn more money, because with tax involved AND the need to get a memory card (the camera he wants uses an xd card which I don’t have any extras of) he’s a bit shy of capital and none to happy about it.


Tom showing off his…flower

We took them back to their Father’s and then came home to have some wine and watch a DVD. I picked Sixteen candles for the Birthday theme, that and we both love that movie. John Cusak (small part though he had) was a doll even as a boy. He’s always been on my crush list, cos we are about the same age so I crushed on him through my teens on forward. His Sister Joan is also and awesome actress. I’ve always had a fondness for quirky.

I’ve still got a few more days off work (Monday/Tuesday) to enjoy so yay! Tom’s off Tuesday too so we can hang out for the day. No plans or anything just enjoy some time together.

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