Blame it on the rain

Wow, it’s been raining, raining A LOT and for someone from Vancouver, that’s saying something. Yeah it’s rainy here, yeah we are in a ‘rain forest’ but MAN!! We usually are cut a break now and then. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could be snow, living on the Wet Coast has it’s advantages.

It was getting near to the record stretch of rainfall since the record was set back in the 50’s. Of course not EVERY day was Ark-worthy…

I picked up the boy from work and then drove both of them over to their Father’s tonight and during my drive some asshat decided to run across the road with their head down, in the dark, in the rain, wearing BLACK. Oh yeah, good thinking. The guy beside me and I had to do some sharp breaking to avoid hitting the idiot and not spinning out of control. Why the hell do people DO that? I mean, sure it sucks to stand and wait in the rain but is avoiding a few raindrops worth your life? I’m just grateful I was driving Freddy and not poor old RR my last car. Bald tires+bad breaks = bad news.

One more day off then back to work. I’m going to ENJOY it, screw working around the house! I keep thinking of the projects I want to tackle around the place and I just don’t have the gumption to get to them like going through stuff, throwing/giving stuff we don’t need away and putting everything into nice stackable storage containers. I would love for things to be totally organized and get rid of some of the left over unpacked crapola from our move, that or get them into nice plastic labeled boxes!

One of our neighbours is doing some kind of hammering and banging and it’s driving me INSANE, it’s been on and off all day. Man I want to get out of condo living and into a house. I hate having other peoples noises like that. Of course that is just ONE of the reasons I would love to have a house, but I’ve been down that road before. Hopefully someday!

OOPS time for the Golden Globes…

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