Spending Christmas money

Chris’ new toy
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Chris and Sean still had their Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets. Chris knew what he wanted, a new electric guitar and he had enough to buy a pretty decent one without spending a fortune. I mean it’s a hobby after all.

Chris is a happy boy

He also picked up a new strap…

guitar strap

He is one happy boy (even if you can’t tell from the photos, must maintain the cool image you know).

Chris and new guitar

Sean had been waffling between buying a new digital camera or spending it on games. He realized that for $200.00 he could get a so so camera, and then what… I mean he wouldn’t be printing the pictures and he shares a computer. He doesn’t have anything to DO with them. He figured that at least games he would get more use out of, that and he does have my old camera to play around with. If he was more serious about photography that would be one thing, but… I think he made the right choice.

sean spiderman new game

Sean playing new game

He still has over a hundred bucks left as he couldn’t find any more games that piqued his interest.

Me? I bought nothing, way to be self congrolled eh? I almost bought some new socks and then talked myself out of them, that and a couple of new towels. I wasn’t totally in love with them though and that was enough to make me put them back after travelling Superstore with them. Ah well.

Tomorrow I’m gonna buy that slow cooker though at Chris’ store, yay home-made chili and other stuff!

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