Us as Kids

Us as Kids
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Us, probably somewhere close to the same age…

I’ve been doing some scanning of old family pics to ensure they are preserved at least at the point of deterioration they are at now. A lot of them don’t have negatives either which makes it all the more important.

I’ve worked my way through the bulk of mine most treasured pictures so I started scanning some of Tom’s, or at least some of my more favourite ones of his.

This is gonna take a longggg time!

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3 Responses to Us as Kids

  1. Tom says:

    Almost looks like I had a bad combover…did I foresee the future even then???

  2. Bill says:

    Or were you a Donald Trump wanna-be? LOL
    If I recall correctly Bee, you have PSP. Run your pix through it in batch mode with a fade correction and contrast script. You wont even know they were old looking.

  3. bee says:

    Yup we have PSP. How do ya do that? I’ve never done it. Can you email me the instructions?? ta!!

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