Kid-less Friday + Booze = sloppy drunken goodness

It’s a Kid-less Friday, which means a drinkie-night!! Vino for Moi and Bourbon for Tom. Ok we don’t get totally faced, just uhh happy, yeah! I’m pretty sure there is squat on TV tonight but we both got DVD box sets for Xmas which is a good filler for times like these.

I did have plans to go out Saturday night with K but a nice case of the flu (her not me) put the big KI-BOSH on those plans. Ah well… so I’m going to go to the Station with Tom tomorrow night instead and hang out during the shows. I get a kick out of the crew there they are all pretty much young and outgoing. It’s fun for me to go every once in a while even though it’s basically like putting in another day of work, just I’m not actually yanno, working myself or for that matter, getting paid. We get to do a dinner out as well and I’m all over not eating at home when opportunity knocks.

I’ve been good though, bringing my lunch to work lately and drinking the mud at work instead of buying coffee, partly to be practical and save money, partly to stave off the temptation of the junk food. I have to admit though I have a weakness for muffins, they sit there looking all innocent and fruit filled when in fact muffins are the devil!!

Speaking of the mud at work, I can understand the ethical policy and the reason behind buying ‘fair trade’ coffee and all that (blah blah), but why does it have to taste so bad? I’ve yet to have any workplace coffee that didn’t taste like crap. Why not Timmy-Ho’s???

Ohhhhh glorious sleeping in tomorrow too, that is if Cinny doesn’t bellow her head off when she thinks it’s time for us to get up. The killer is she does that, we get up and what does she do? She goes back to sleep, on our bed, all stretched out and happy. So what do we do? We walk by and slam our hands on the bed and wake her up. Payback is a bitch..

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2 Responses to Kid-less Friday + Booze = sloppy drunken goodness

  1. Jen says:

    You evening sounded absolutely glorious. Hope it was fabulous, and you’re not to hungover this morning!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Surprisingly not hung over dispite having chugged, I mean sipped a whole bottle of Riesling!…

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