S-S-S Saturday, Saturday, Saturday niiiiighhhhtttt

Because I take the train to work now and avoid driving to/from downtown Vancouver, and even though I’ve heard about the road construction for the new train tunnel via Cambie street I was surprised to see how much of the road there is blocked off. Urggh I used to use Cambie as one of my routes and now all traffic is on one side of the boulevard. All those expensive homes and all that noise and crap going in right outside their front door. Bet they are pissed~


It’s always a nice diversion to spend the afternoon/evening at the station, plus I get more time to hang with the Hub, so it’s all good. I kept myself amused during the prep stuff and watching during the broadcast, I still find the process interesting to watch.



We brought lunch with us because ‘lunch-break’ isn’t until 7:00 and the last time we were only running on fumes (breakfast) I was ready to gnaw off my arm. We did dinner (Buffalo chicken melt!) then grabbed a coffee afterwards. Not sure if that was such a good idea because I spent the rest of the evening feeling rather fidgety. I almost wished I could run around the room to burn off the feeling of pent up energy it was weird. It’s rare I feel that way after coffee, I think the last time was when I drank a pot of coffee in the latter part of an afternoon. I spent the whole evening trying to convince my brain to shut down.

I can’t take flash photos during the show so I was trying to take stealth ones and without a tripod it t’aint easy.


We got home just before 1:00 am and Tom went to change into his new sweats that he just pulled out of the dryer…uh, yeah…

Mysteriously shrinking sweat pants

I was pissing myself laughing to had to grab the camera. When Tom hoisted them up to where is waist was, you can really see how short they got… he bought them XL on purpose cos he likes them baggy (and well, long enough for him) but thing is they stayed HUGE in the waist but he ended up with knickers..

Tom has decided to start wearing knickers

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