Boob Car wash pics

This blog gets hit on the odd search, some people get here innocuously and stay for a bit, some are bent on finding out, oh say about braces or dvds or something equally innocent, and move on with their search. Others, well others come and don’t cum if you catch my drift.

Today top of the ‘hit’ parade was ‘Boob Car wash pics’. I wonder if now because I have ALL those key words together teenagers and furtive porn surfing Hubbies will find their way here only to be equally disappointed as I’m sure that dude was, who stayed all of .01 seconds and left before his erection totally deflated.

Why he even bothered though..when there was many more OBVIOUS sites to visit…

hot bikinis – (just the bikinis?)

Paris Hilton Car Wash – (Am I the only person that thinks she is one of the fugliest wanna-bee ‘Celebs’ out there?) :: Come in and relax in the chill pocket: Boob Slip -One Horse Power -Huge Boobs -Morning breath -Kid to go -Toilet to go 2 -Passed out -Lucky Ass … Free car wash? -Basically it means no fun -Hello Ms.Kerry -She fell -I got top -Welcome -Yea you did -New …- (amongst some questionable content I’m sure but MRS. KERRY??)

car wash babes &love – (Awww there’s love)

Huge Hooter Porn, Jug Pay Per View Movie Clips – (I have to admit the word Jug makes me laugh)

Free Big Boob Pics – (if you set them free and they come back…)

Nice Boobie Clips: Titty Max… – (Wait, Chris is that you???)

THENNNNNN there was me…my innocent little pornless site at the bottom of the first page..


… some scanning of old family pics to ensure they are preserved at … After the car wash releases me from it’s watery death grip I drove … Well cept for the boob thing. posted by Beezzez | Wednesday

How in hell’s name would anyone have even thought that was porn???? Yeah it’s chopped up like key word searches are but…Family pics? Some kind of group thing in the pervoid world? Ohhh maybe it was… eek watery death grip… oh ewwww now my mind is traveling down roads I don’t wanna!!

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5 Responses to Boob Car wash pics

  1. Jen says:

    I once posted a picture of my newly french pedicured feet … and I got many, many hits from the foot fetish community. It got to be so bad (gross comments and e-mails) I had to remove the picture. Then, I posted a picture of my newly dyed hair under a post titled “Nothing like peeing into a cup first thing in the morning” in reference to a cholestorol test I had to get that day. All my hits came from people wanting to see images of people peeing, and they got me and my dorky glam shot. Needless to say, that picture was removed, too.

  2. Bill says:

    Which search engine are yall using? None of the top 5 return results with Americanuck in them.
    This does give me a great idea for an idiot bait post though. Now Im off to find just the right pic to photoshop ….

  3. Beezzez says:

    Hey Bill, this person used this place turned up at the bottom of page one when I used their search engine ha ha@ your bait post.

  4. Tom says:

    Oddly enough Hon, if you do a search for “Americanuck,” your page doesn’t appear in the list until page 6…second from the bottom!

  5. Beezzez says:

    Doesn’t that just figure! Ironic t’aint it!

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