Almost makes me wish I ski

Tom is taking Sean Skiing this Saturday. He got a deal through a group work buy and Sean was the only one the expressed interest (if I recall my response was HELL NO!!) so Sean is booked for a lesson and Tom’s gonna haul his rusty ass up to ski solo (at least until the lesson lets out). Chris has zero interest in skiing so it’s just the two of them.

If it were possible to go up and just take pictures, while I dunno, being dragged around while sitting OR SOMETHING (so my large centre of gravity is closer to the surface if you catch my drift) I would so love to witness this.

See the problems are twofold. I don’t care for heights. I did one of the tree-top adventure hikes with the rest of the Management Team for a team building exercise at work retreat and all I did was practically run across each bridge, leap on the platform and hug the tree it was attached to until we moved on to, well do more of the same. NOT. FUN.

Oh yeah and I don’t have a death-wish. Now I know all the skiiers will tell me that it’s LOADS of fun..(blah blah blah) but people don’t always appreciate that their version of fun isn’t gonna always be the same as oh, say my version of fun. Tom’s good about it, he will ask but not bug. That and we made a deal, he won’t try to make me ski and I won’t make him ride a horse. Works for both of us. I’m better at sitting around sipping drinks n stuff. Boo that there isn’t a lodge that I could sit at doing just that like say up in Whistler where there are lots of non-ski-y things to do.

I was looking at the Cypress mountain website veerrrryyyy pretty. It’s been years since I’ve been up there. Wonder if Tom can take his camera and not crush it? Hmmm…

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One Response to Almost makes me wish I ski

  1. Tom says:

    Way ahead of ya, Hon…I was already planning on taking my camera! Get Sean to remind me to take lots of pics, tho…you know how I tend to forget!


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