And they called it puppy love

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big ‘ski’ day but there is a wee chance it may be postponed if this wind storm comes as expected. It’s supposed to get up to 70kmh here and up to 100kmh down south Seattle way and last well into the morning. This could mean they close the chair-lifts and that would mean of course no skiing.

The ball is starting to roll on Sean’s Ortho treatment (finally!). The Orthodontist got the report from the surgeon and they’ve agreed on a plan which is on it’s way to me via Canada Post so I can get the pre-approval from the insurance company. They are going to put on the appliance that spreads the upper pallet three weeks from now, but to prepare he has to go in both Friday’s before that, the first one to get elastics put between his teeth to gently spread them to install the appliance and the second to do moulding.

The good news is we have a set cost now which is guaranteed and a bit less than I had expected (just a BIT mind you)So all told the cost will be $7,000 for the ortho work including appliance, $4,500 for the surgery, $1,900 for the wisdom tooth removal. GOD!!!! I told Sean he has the equivalent to a Pontiac Sunfire in his mouth. Good thing we have some insurance coverage. 5 Grand of the 7 for the ortho should be covered and all the wisdom teeth stuff. The only thing that we have no guarantee on is the surgery but I’m going to try and fight that out with the insurance companies.

So in the end even if the surgery isn’t covered we will be out of pocket $6,500 split between us and his Father. Not horrible, we can do it. I’ve already got $1,500 of it saved up and when we get our profit share at work the rest will be covered, any left over will go into the house fund. I am determined to sock away every single penny we can spare for a down payment. I want a house dammit!!

The craving hit me even more today because of a puppy that someone in my office building brought with them to work. He was the CUTEST little pooh I’ve seen in a long time and he came running at me to give me all his puppy love. I WANT A PUPPY!!!!! BOTH OUR PUPPIES!

Of course I will be needing reminding of this when they are pissing all over the new house and eating my shoes.

Tom wants a Basset Hound and I’m in my Mini-Dachshund period. I WAS thinking of a Golden, but I’ve heard too many stories about how it’s become such a popular breed that there is too much in-breeding which is causing problems in the breed with psychosis… YEAH PASS! Who the hell knows what sad eyed creature will win my heart in the end though. I’m a sucker. I admit it.

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