Later, on that same Sunday

Well I’ve made a start anyway. There really is so much to do! I mean we are lucky we have a walk in closet (two in fact but the one with the window is our office, it would fit a bed) but it sadly needs organization. Note Cinny can’t resist the open closet door. She’s in the ‘FORBIDDEN ROOOOOOOM’.

More mess that needs to be organized

Boxes of stuff that needs to be repacked

Stuff that needs to be repacked

After weeding through my clothes, I’ve got another garbage bag (plus old Navy shopping bag) full of give-aways. Of course I still have TONS of clothes and I will surely buy TONS more (being the bargain clothes addict I am), but I’ve removed the stuff I know I will never wear. With that and the new storage drawers I actually have working room so I can add the clothes that need to be washed yet and still not have to SHOVE things in only to not be able to close the drawers yay!!

Im just excited I have room now

Room in my drawers!!

Folded clothing for summer rotation

Cool storage thingies

Tom has more room now cos I've moved out some of my stuff!!

Tom has more room now I’ve moved my stuff

Now I’m pretty much done with clothes, time to move onto the other shite I have in there. I packed up a bunch of the VHS movies we have. We have a LOT of movies, both in video and DVD, of course the DVD get more of a rotation. We need to get more media shelves, but until then these will stay boxed up.

This is only a portion of the movies we own

Ah well back at it.

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