Sometimes the crappiest camera takes my fave pictures

A Picture/Video Message!
Waiting for Chris in the parking lot at his store I was goofing around with the camera phone. What I love about the camera phone is it has an option to see what you’re taking pictures OF unlike my digital arms length pictures. Not that it will necessarily mean a better picture, just I won’t cut off anyone’s head/face whatever.

A Picture/Video Message!I have no idea where the hell this weekend went to. It’s 4:00 pm on a Sunday and work is looming yet again but it hardly felt like I’ve left it. Yeah I know, poor me, I’m the only one in the family (other than Sean) that gets a regular two days off in a row so I should stop throwing myself that pity party.

So I’ve decided to wallow my way through my clothes (I have LOTS as I’m a total Ross addict) and decide what I actually wear and what I WILL wear and what I won’t ever wear again. Those that are in my active rotation (winter wear) I want in my drawers in the main part of the bedroom and the spring/summer clothes will inhabit these really cool little storage shelves thing-a-ma-bobs that I bought three of. Hopefully that will mean some of the shelf space in the walk-in closet will be freed up. Of course the no way in hell will I wear these again clothing will hit the charity bag.

My next goal is to get all of the cardboard boxes that have never been unpacked since we moved here umm lessee… 1.5 years ago (eek our bad) unpacked, and repacked in nice storage tubs. Anything we aren’t going to actively be using anyway, just to start getting ready in anticipation of an eventual house purchase and move. This will be a good opportunity to purge shit we don’t need anymore, as well as probably find shit I forgot I had!

Either way it’s a win-win situation and it feeds the whole control-freak obsessive compulsive side of me.

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2 Responses to Sometimes the crappiest camera takes my fave pictures

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve been instructed to mention here that she isn’t REALLY a control freak.

    Did I do it right, Hon?

  2. Beezzez says:

    Next time try to be more convincing ;)

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