One of those days…

You know the kind I mean, when everything you wanted to get done didn’t and it wasn’t really in your control? I.HATE.THOSE. There are days when you just feel let down. This was one of them.

As a result, I’m cranky. I don’t like being cranky because that’s not who I am. I’m a pretty sunny dispositioned (sarcastic maybe (ha) ) but generally happy-go-lucky.

I get home and Tom looks at me and asked how my day was. I just made a face and said blah. He fiddled around with the new kitchen faucet (yay) we bought to replace the piece of crap one that came with the place which is shall we say kind of broken and listened to me vent.

Then I suggested one of the things that makes bad things good. “How do you feel about going out for dinner?” He grinned at me and said “SURE! WHERE?”

It’s kinda cool, we live near quite a few restaurants. We don’t go out all that often but sometimes you just gotta. I have the BEST HUSBAND EVARRRR.


Now, just because this is my blog and I can. Here is a random cuteness picture.


Cinnamon all nuggety and cute.

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