Yeah I love it here

Yeah I love it here
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What can I say, yeah the rain sucks ass but man when it’s sunny there is no better place to live.

After I got off work I walked down a block to the waterfront and pulled out the camera. I couldn’t resist cos it was such a pretty day.


I wanted to go over and check out the progress on the new convention centre. I’ve been listening to a pile driver for MONTHS now, bonk bonk bonk. At first it drove us all nuts, now I think we notice it more when they stop rather then when they start it’s just so much background noise.

Looks like it’s gonna be pretty fancy-shmancy when it’s all done.

Lottttttts of piles that have been driven though..



Here is what it’s gonna look like when it’s done.

There is an art project that they’ve been doing the last couple of years. They create a generic statue of an animal and then get local artists to do their thing with them. Last year were Orcas and this year it’s bears. I grabbed a couple of shots of the ones that are close by.



They auction them off when the display is done for the year. It’s kind of a neat idea. I’m just amazed that they haven’t been vandalized by some dick-wad. Maybe even taggers have a heart.

Tomorrow begins the big braces journey. I’ve got the day off because it’s regular dentist in the am for a checkup and ortho in the afternoon to shove little rubber thinges between Sean’s teeth to make room for the expander they are going to install. Needless to say he’s not looking forward to it.

All I’ve heard for the last several days is a list of things he will no longer be eating and/or chewing. Poor guy.

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