1001 paint chips

Well after holding dozens of different paint chips up I THINK I’ve chosen the colour. It’s called ‘Wheat Bread’ and it’s a very neutral colour that will look pretty darn nice in the bathrooms I think. (ignore that little bit of paint damage, I found out the hard way after painting the trim when we moved in that certain paint tape is better than others for letting go)

Bathroom paint

Of course this picture doesn’t come anywhere close to looking like the actual colour…

Of course this doesn’t look like our bathroom, nor does the paint colour look right there either as it’s a simulated….. oh blah. Trust me it’s nice.

As I have to keep that icky gold shower enclosure I’ve decided to tone down the ‘GOLD’ and use it for accent on the fixtures. I found a few different choices for towel racks and faucets. I’m not going to go crazy and spend big bucks, so I will do more shopping around to find exactly what I’m looking for, for the cheapest.

NO LUCK on the drawer pull front though… Tom is saying we need to check out Lowes in the States as they may have a better selection than the Home Depot here.

A few other things on the checklist is to replace some of the mini-blinds and to finally put up some window dressing.. gah! We have been here, what over a year and a half and I’ve yet to find me some curtains that I like, how sad is that???? It would definitely look more ‘finished’ and homey with something on those windows. Looks like it will be me finding some fabric and making some scarf valances. That and some nice hardware should do the trick.

Isn’t it sad one does all this work when one is intending to sell rather than when you’re actually living here to enjoy it?? I really think because I’ve looked at this place as transitory I’ve really never felt the need to nest and make it our own, other than the stuff we would take with us (furniture etc)

Back at the organization tomorrow too, enough of being a lazy lout. Today, other than a bit of running ’round I’ve done SQUAT bad me!

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2 Responses to 1001 paint chips

  1. Bill says:

    Paint the trim first, then use 1″ tape on the side of the trim (only) to protect it while painting the wall. (The trick is to never stick tape on paint less than 3 days dry.) With a little practice you wont even need masking paper.
    Ok, maybe you better use 2″ tape ….

  2. Beezzez says:

    The irony was that paint was OLD all we were painting was the trim. It was just too damn sticky tape we used. The green stuff was much better. Live and learn..

    Oh yeah and *finger* to you over that last comment ya brat

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