Kick up ya heels


Mmmm good wine last night (and bourbon in Tom’s case)

We got good and snockered, spent our 150 bucks at Amazon AND watched Ocean’s 11 for the 100th time I’m sure. (mmmm George Clooney!!!!!)

The good news is now we have a bunch of new (old) movies on the way;

1.)One Fine Day (mmmm George Clooney!!!!, oh yeah and Michele Pafafifer for Tom)
2.)Foul Play (one of the few Chevy Chase movies that we like that we don’t already have and there aren’t many)
3.)Drop Dead Fred (I’ve never seen it but Tom says it’s really funny but it also has his crush Phoebe Cates in it so I’m SURE there is an ulterior motive afoot)
4.)Office Space – with Flair (I LOVE this movie, those of us shlubs that work in an office really appreciate it best I think though)”Excuse me I believe you have my stapler..” “Uhhh yeahhhhhhhh”
5.)Silver Streak (I’ve never seen it but I do like Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder so I will take Tom’s word on it)
6.)Will and Grace Season one (before the show started to suck badly)
7.)40 year old virgin (I’m in love with Steve Carell, that and this movie made both of us cry laughing. “Dude, you look like a man-o-lantern” Any movie that does that is DVD worthy, plus it’s totally immature gross out comedy which speaks to where our heads are at… CHA-CHING!)

I also ordered “Starsky and Hutch” the movie with a gift card I was awarded at work. Yeah it’s kind of dumb but we liked it.

Poor Sean is in quite a bit of pain today. They arrived this morning from their Father’s both starving (don’t get me started) so I went and made some noodle soup thingie for him because anything that isn’t totally soft right now is way too sore to eat. We’re going to have to go through Safeway and try and get some ideas for soft foods because I swear everything we have in this house requires chewing..

We are also going to pick him up some new sweats to wear under his ski pants and a cheap scale so they can weigh themselves before skiing which Tom tells me they need for the rental gear to be adjusted right or something.

I am wanting to update both of the bathrooms, so I’m also going to scope out some paint samples and towel bars and fixtures for the bathrooms. It’s time to start duding this place up for sale and the smallest things can make such a difference. I think it could sell on it’s own merit right now but a little tweaking can’t hurt. We’re not going to change the sink, toilet or bath/showers though. Just make what’s there look better.

Luckily there really doesn’t need to be any flooring done. We do need to replace the HORRIBLE track lighting in the kitchen, but I found a $120.00 fluorescent ceiling light in Home Depot which would look awesome in there and light the place up so there aren’t so many dark spots and shadows.

We also need to talk to a Realtor when we are ready to start looking, to see what benefit there would be to replacing the fridge, stove and washer/dryer before we sell. If it will get us more money than we invest, it’s worth it and I can get a discount through a work deal which will help when we upgrade a new place as well as possibly if we upgrade this place.

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