Andddd they’re OFF!!

With dawn came partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain LATER in the day, no horrible wind storms so ski day today is a go!

I got up at 7:00 am to wake up Chris for work *wiggle bed with foot and stage whisper “Chris! Chris! GET UP!!”* once I knew he wasn’t totally comatose I padded back to bed and flopped back in sticking on my sleep mask to block the slightest ounce of light.

Poor Tom had to work until midnight and with the 45 minute drive home it meant not as full a night of sleep as normal, but as he hasn’t skied in years this was enough of a motivator to get up, eat, mobilize the other boy and get ready.

I continued snoozing until 8:30 when it was time for them to leave and then did my typical Mom thing. “Do you have your pain-killers?” “Do you have the two way radios?”, “Where did you put the radios?”, “Do you have the camera?”, “Did you leave your keys here?” (pointing at Sean), “Will YOUR keys be in an inside pocket?” (At that point Tom looked at me and said “Uhh Honey, trust me I’ve done this before”, yeah ok, point taken. See I told you I have a problem with trying to organize everyone else.

I really hope Tom takes lots of pictures, I mean I took six before they even left for the day. Of course his definition of lots is different than mine but more than two or three would be nice!!

Getting ready to leave

Getting Ready

Yeah the jacket is from 1920, ok well MAYBE the 80's but YUCK!!
Tom’s shiny Disco Ski jacket
Sean grinning in excitement
Tossle headed Sean grins in excitement
And There they GOOOOOOOOO!!

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